Nathaniel (azure_chaos) wrote in safer_words,

Beta Profile - azure chaos

Hey there, I'm a 24/7 sub in a poly relationship with 2 other guys. I have 4-5 years experience of BDSM mostly as a sub but some experience of being dom too (but it's not where my main orientation lies - that doesn't inhibit my ability to beta tho). I'm gay and not so good with het, so really I'm only good with slash (exception: NCIS involving Abby/Tony and/or Gibbs). I've been writing fanfic for 18months now, but I've been writing other stuff for about 6 years. I don't have any formal qualifications, but I hope my own writing speaks for itself (you can check it out at my journal). I also run and write on an online RPG that is based in a BDSM sex club in the X-men universe. The kinks I don't have experience of I can usually research and find out about (I've written a couple on A to Z that I've never experienced).

fandoms: BtVS/Angel (I have all Angel except s4 on dvd if needed for ref); CSI, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami (I can't do Brass, Hodges or Ecklie slash though); NCIS; some Harry Potter (harry/draco); X-men; Supernatural (no wincest).

kinks: Abrasion; Anal - play/plugs/sex; Bastinado; Biting; Bondage; Breath Play; Cages; Canes/crops; CBT; Chasity; Clothes pins/pegs; Collars, Cutting (as long as I'm warned first); Electro-play; Exhibitionism; Figging; Fisting; Foot worship; Gags; Golden showers; Hair Pulling; Hand jobs; Hot Wax; Human puppy play (non-sexual); (consencual/non-abusive) Humiliation play; Ice; Japanese Rope Bondage; Kneeling; Knife Play; Medical scenes; Nipple clamps/play; Oral sex (cock and anal); Orgasm denial/control; Spanking (all forms); Scratching; Sensory Deprivation; Sexual deprivation; shaving. (I may have missed some, so long as it's not on my list of things I can't beta then ask and I'll let you know either way)

subjects I can't beta: non-con, child abuse, rape or rape fantasy, incest, Extreme AU (EG - Angel and Spike are both human and never been vamps).

My email is slave_prince03 at hot mail dot com. If you're emailing me then please say where you saw my info.

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