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Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Subject:Titanium Whip Awards - Judges Needed
Posted by:azure_chaos.
Time:1:51 am.
Titanium Whip Awards

Judges wanted.

I know nominations closed in January, but The Titanium Whip Awards have been trying to get all their nominated fics marked, unfortunately due to real life etc, only one or two of our judges have been consistently active. So, in an attempt to get results as quick as possible, we’re now looking to recruit more.

Judges will remain anonymous except to the Award Administrator. If you think you have the qualities we’re looking for as laid out below, please email us and tell us why you think you qualify. We have criteria set out to aid the judges so that all our judges should be marking reasonably equally. There are a lot of fics that need marking, so if you have the time to spare to help then please email us.

Qualities we’re looking for in our judges:Collapse )
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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Subject:Event: The history of BDSM, Feb. 20th
Posted by:mightyfastpig.
Time:12:39 am.
A presentation by Peter Tupper, based on research for his work in progress, Beauty in Darkness. From the flagellation rites of ancient Rome to the UN weapons inspector who was outed as a kinky party organizer on the eve of the Iraq war, the history of consensual sadomasochism is full of fascinating individuals and unexpected connections. Come and learn the origins of master-slave relationships, fetishes and safe, sane and consensual.

Venue: The Art of Loving, 1819 W.5th and Burrard St, 7:30pm – 9:30pm, Tuesday, February 20th. Admission is $10, and pre-registration is required. Please call 604-742-9988
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Monday, November 13th, 2006

Subject:The Titanium Whip Awards
Posted by:azure_chaos.
Time:4:29 pm.
I hope this is allowed here, if not then I apologise.


The Titanium Whip Awards 2006

Find out More...Collapse )
Remember: Nominations are now open and close at Midnight on the 31st December 2006.
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Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Subject:Beta Profile - azure chaos
Posted by:azure_chaos.
Time:5:29 pm.
Hey there, I'm a 24/7 sub in a poly relationship with 2 other guys. I have 4-5 years experience of BDSM mostly as a sub but some experience of being dom too (but it's not where my main orientation lies - that doesn't inhibit my ability to beta tho). I'm gay and not so good with het, so really I'm only good with slash (exception: NCIS involving Abby/Tony and/or Gibbs). I've been writing fanfic for 18months now, but I've been writing other stuff for about 6 years. I don't have any formal qualifications, but I hope my own writing speaks for itself (you can check it out at my journal). I also run and write on an online RPG that is based in a BDSM sex club in the X-men universe. The kinks I don't have experience of I can usually research and find out about (I've written a couple on A to Z that I've never experienced).

fandoms: BtVS/Angel (I have all Angel except s4 on dvd if needed for ref); CSI, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami (I can't do Brass, Hodges or Ecklie slash though); NCIS; some Harry Potter (harry/draco); X-men; Supernatural (no wincest).

kinks: Abrasion; Anal - play/plugs/sex; Bastinado; Biting; Bondage; Breath Play; Cages; Canes/crops; CBT; Chasity; Clothes pins/pegs; Collars, Cutting (as long as I'm warned first); Electro-play; Exhibitionism; Figging; Fisting; Foot worship; Gags; Golden showers; Hair Pulling; Hand jobs; Hot Wax; Human puppy play (non-sexual); (consencual/non-abusive) Humiliation play; Ice; Japanese Rope Bondage; Kneeling; Knife Play; Medical scenes; Nipple clamps/play; Oral sex (cock and anal); Orgasm denial/control; Spanking (all forms); Scratching; Sensory Deprivation; Sexual deprivation; shaving. (I may have missed some, so long as it's not on my list of things I can't beta then ask and I'll let you know either way)

subjects I can't beta: non-con, child abuse, rape or rape fantasy, incest, Extreme AU (EG - Angel and Spike are both human and never been vamps).

My email is slave_prince03 at hot mail dot com. If you're emailing me then please say where you saw my info.

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Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Subject:beta profile - blueraccoon
Posted by:blueraccoon.
Time:1:28 am.
Hi, I'm blueraccoon aka rebecca. Personally, I'm a sub, I've been on and off again active for a few years now and I've always been interested in kink. I write a lot, I do a lot of reading and research, and poorly written kink is one of my soapbox rants, so let's not get started there, mmkay? I've been very glad and able to help friends in my various fandoms with kink questions and answers; if it's not something I know personally, odds are I know where to find the answer or at least where to start looking.

fandoms: Firefly, NCIS, numb3rs, CSI; I'll also beta original fic. I'll also beta anything if it's just for grammar and/or kink; just don't expect me to tell you if your characterizations in House work or not, sorry. Grammar and spelling are strong points with me and I'm very good at copy-editing.

kinks: bondage, submission, sensory deprivation, spanking, anal play, fisting, masochism, nipple play, collaring, rope play, flogging, D/s, multiple partners.
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Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Subject:Beta Profile - Arsenalangel08
Posted by:arsenalangel08.
Time:1:30 pm.
Beta Profile for Arsenalangel08:

I'm excited to be able to offer my beta services to all my fellow lovers of kink! I'm a woman in my late 20's who has been active in kink of all types since college. Although I identify as a switch, I'm most comfortable as a sub. I have worked as a freelance editor and proofreader for many years as well as edited a women's rights/queer rights zine in the South. I'm also a grammar freak.

Fandoms: Firefly, Nero Wolfe, House M.D., Highlander, Due South, Harry Potter, Bend it Like Beckham, X-Men, King Arthur, RPS (The Daily Show, Colbert Report, ESPN), and whatever weird/rare/random literary or historic slash you wanna throw my way. Original fic is fine, too.

Kinks: spanking, age play, D/s, caning, rope bondage (some), wax play, paddling, leather, latex, multiple partners, collaring, medical implements, sensory deprivation, masochism. Favorite scenes include: teacher/student, doctor/patient, employer/secretary, puppy play.

Just drop me an email through LJ or email arsenalangel08 (at) yahoo.com.
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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

Subject:official official opening.
Posted by:thepurpleswitch.
Time:11:57 am.
Please consider this the "official" opening of the comm, and your invitation (yes, you) to post your own introduction and/or beta profile as well--open posting is on for all members. Anything you want to tell us about yourself is fine, really.

For betas, please indicate both your fandoms and your kinks of interest, as well as how you'd like writers to contact you--via lj, a private e-mail, what have you.

(Yes, this post used to be something else. I made an executive decision! And then made a different one that totally contradicted the first one. So. Thus is the life of a switch.)
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Monday, April 17th, 2006

Subject:introductory post and beta profile.
Posted by:thepurpleswitch.
Time:5:46 pm.
Mood: confusing..
This is my introductory post and my beta profile, to be used as guides/templates for other people posting. It's also the first offical post-y whatsit, and as such, questions and requests for clarifications can be made in the comments.

Members should feel free to lj-cut their intros/profiles, and members who do not intend to beta do not have to do a beta profile, nor do they have to do an intro at all (but why? Don't you like us?). However, members intending to beta do have to do at least a little beta thingie, because I'm organising you people by tags (fandom and kinks) on your profile posts.


I'm thepurpleswitch, the founder, maintainer, and moderator of this here community. I started the comm because I saw a need in fandom, and I'm a giver. No, wait. Actually, I was partially worried that someone was going to try something dangerous because they read it in fic, partially worried that people were actually doing the dangerous things I was reading in fic, and partially tired of seeing something that is so important to me, so much a part of my life, gotten so very logistically and physically wrong in so very many cases.

I've also been asked a lot of research questions by writers working on kink stories, and I couldn't provide them with answers, because I'm not into or haven't had any experience with what they're writing. I was shocked to discover that there was no existing community for kink+fandom questions. There are, however, a few general kink question communities (yay alliteration), so maybe people have been getting help there. Also from Google. Google is our friend, though it is sometimes rather misinformed. And Wikipedia is my otp, though sometimes it changes its mind a lot.

At the personal end, I have been kinky my whole life. I have two years of experience in real life kink as a submissive, though I identify as a switch. I live with my dominant and have as close to a 24/7 relationship as is possible, given my physical and emotional limitations as a human being. I regularly engage in sadomasochistic play with my dom, and am very active in the local public BDSM community.


beta profile:
(Yes, you can edit yours as you gain experience and/or fandoms or drop fandoms, so long as you let me know you've done it, hee.)

(Just the ones you're willing to beta, I don't think there's room enough to list every single one of all our fandoms. And yes, RPF is allowed.)
CSI, Firefly, Sports Night, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Harry Potter.

(List the things with which you have had experience--from scenes, to types of play, to psychological stuff, whatever you're willing to help writers write.)
Flogging, spanking, caning, rope bondage, chain bondage, wax play, fear play, submission, switching, paddling, gender bending, d/s relationship, ssc, masochism, bottoming.

And then, after one of these is posted by someone else, I will come along and tag it appropriately. If I need clarification on something, I'll comment with or e-mail my questions.

I may well be making this way more complicated than it needs to be, so if anybody's got any suggestions, have at.


eta: It would help if I turned on open posting, wouldn't it? Crikey. Now have at.
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Subject:the tag corral.
Posted by:thepurpleswitch.
Time:4:16 pm.
The tag corral.
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LiveJournal for have kink, will beta.

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