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safer_words's Journal

have kink, will beta
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the purpose of this comm:

Like any beta-reading community, the purpose of safer_words is to help writers and readers. The difference is that the betas here know the difference between a bullwhip and a singletail whip (metaphorically).

not the purpose of this comm:

To tell people what is good or bad kink. We're making judgment decisions, not value judgments. Just like comma usage rules, the physics of a flogging are impartial and objective. An activity is physically possible, or it is not (whether or not it's physically advisable is another story). If a writer wants the kink scene they're writing to be realistic, the line between fantasy and reality has to be recognised--but as previously stated, the physics are set in stone. So to speak.

To demand that all fics featuring kink, or having incidental kink, be betaed by or to our exacting specifications. Seriously. I'm just concerned that some unsuspecting reader (or writer) will be inspired by a terribly hot scene of Remus/Sirius suspension bondage and then get dropped on their head because two hundred pounds of person (or werewolf-person) doesn't hang well from your everyday chandelier. Nobody knows everything about everything, and it's been my experience that most people writing kink? Don't actually practise kink. Kinky people in fandom can help.

Basically, I am strongly against One True Wayism. I am strongly for sharing knowledge and being (relatively) safe, even to the point of making sure our beloved characters are (relatively) safe.


I read many, many fandoms. Many, many, many fandoms. So do the other betas. If you don't see whatever you're writing listed in our tags/our beta profiles, post a request anyway. Somebody might have seen an episode, read an issue, whatever, or might be willing to be pimped in by kink, hee.

to be a kink beta:

Join the comm, just as you would any other. Because this is a moderated community, I'll have to approve your membership before you can post. Moderation of membership is only so I can keep out trolls and the underaged.

E-mail thepurpleswitch (founder and moderator, go me) at thepurpleswitch @ livejournal.com with a brief real time kink resume (what you know about, what you've done, what you've had done to you--specifics aren't necessary, I just need to know what range of experiences we can offer to beta) and a list of fandoms you're willing to beta (please indicate if you'd beta original kink stories as well). Unfortunately, like Monopoly money, online kink experience is fun, but won't buy you a Big Mac. No, wait.

Chances are, I will say, "Hi! Thank you so so so much for e-mailing me! I would love to have you the comm. I'm really looking forward to your experience enriching the comm, and fandom. Hearts, bj." With some other information about the comm and making an introduction/profile post in there somewhere.

to have a kink scene or fic betaed:

Join the comm, just as you would any other. Because this is a moderated community, I'll have to approve your membership before you can post. Moderation of membership is only so I can keep out trolls and the underaged.

After joining, post a request to the comm, or post the fic. One post per fic only, please. If your magnum opus is seventy-nine two-thousand word sections, post an excerpt or two and give an overview of the kinks involved in the rest of the story. If you're looking for a beta who will hang with you throughout the writing process, say so. Indicate fandom/original, rating, pairing, length (expected, ballpark, exact word count, whatever), and, most importantly, what types of kinks and practises are/will be in the story. For example:

rope bondage
sensory deprivation
urethral sounds
age play
foot fetish

et cetera, et cetera.


(The Section Also Known As: bj Loves Wikipedia)

By "kink," I mean BDSM, fetish, and all that related fun stuff. I'm not just talking about the whole chicken, I'm talking about the feather too (tickling is so a fetish!).

The community name safer_words is derived from the common convention of using safewords during BDSM and fetish play, as part of the Safe, Sane, Consensual philosophy. True, not everybody uses them, or follows SSC. I am a believer in diversity! SSC, RACK, Gorean, whatever, all reasonable philosophies are welcome here. I'm just being clever and arch (it is so a fetish!).

My info can be found in my beta profile, so I won't get into it here. The community is not about me, my experience, or my personal values. It's about making characters, readers, and writers (relatively) safer.


kinki_love--because sometimes handcuffs aren't enough (a fanfic community).

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