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introductory post and beta profile.

This is my introductory post and my beta profile, to be used as guides/templates for other people posting. It's also the first offical post-y whatsit, and as such, questions and requests for clarifications can be made in the comments.

Members should feel free to lj-cut their intros/profiles, and members who do not intend to beta do not have to do a beta profile, nor do they have to do an intro at all (but why? Don't you like us?). However, members intending to beta do have to do at least a little beta thingie, because I'm organising you people by tags (fandom and kinks) on your profile posts.


I'm thepurpleswitch, the founder, maintainer, and moderator of this here community. I started the comm because I saw a need in fandom, and I'm a giver. No, wait. Actually, I was partially worried that someone was going to try something dangerous because they read it in fic, partially worried that people were actually doing the dangerous things I was reading in fic, and partially tired of seeing something that is so important to me, so much a part of my life, gotten so very logistically and physically wrong in so very many cases.

I've also been asked a lot of research questions by writers working on kink stories, and I couldn't provide them with answers, because I'm not into or haven't had any experience with what they're writing. I was shocked to discover that there was no existing community for kink+fandom questions. There are, however, a few general kink question communities (yay alliteration), so maybe people have been getting help there. Also from Google. Google is our friend, though it is sometimes rather misinformed. And Wikipedia is my otp, though sometimes it changes its mind a lot.

At the personal end, I have been kinky my whole life. I have two years of experience in real life kink as a submissive, though I identify as a switch. I live with my dominant and have as close to a 24/7 relationship as is possible, given my physical and emotional limitations as a human being. I regularly engage in sadomasochistic play with my dom, and am very active in the local public BDSM community.


beta profile:
(Yes, you can edit yours as you gain experience and/or fandoms or drop fandoms, so long as you let me know you've done it, hee.)

(Just the ones you're willing to beta, I don't think there's room enough to list every single one of all our fandoms. And yes, RPF is allowed.)
CSI, Firefly, Sports Night, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Harry Potter.

(List the things with which you have had experience--from scenes, to types of play, to psychological stuff, whatever you're willing to help writers write.)
Flogging, spanking, caning, rope bondage, chain bondage, wax play, fear play, submission, switching, paddling, gender bending, d/s relationship, ssc, masochism, bottoming.

And then, after one of these is posted by someone else, I will come along and tag it appropriately. If I need clarification on something, I'll comment with or e-mail my questions.

I may well be making this way more complicated than it needs to be, so if anybody's got any suggestions, have at.


eta: It would help if I turned on open posting, wouldn't it? Crikey. Now have at.
Tags: admin, beta:bottoming, beta:caning, beta:chain_bondage, beta:csi, beta:ds, beta:fear_play, beta:firefly, beta:flogging, beta:gender_bending, beta:harry_potter, beta:masochism, beta:original, beta:paddling, beta:rope_bondage, beta:spanking, beta:sports_night, beta:ssc, beta:submission, beta:supernatural, beta:switching, beta:veronica_mars, beta:wax_play, beta_profile, intro
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