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Titanium Whip Awards - Judges Needed

Titanium Whip Awards

Judges wanted.

I know nominations closed in January, but The Titanium Whip Awards have been trying to get all their nominated fics marked, unfortunately due to real life etc, only one or two of our judges have been consistently active. So, in an attempt to get results as quick as possible, we’re now looking to recruit more.

Judges will remain anonymous except to the Award Administrator. If you think you have the qualities we’re looking for as laid out below, please email us and tell us why you think you qualify. We have criteria set out to aid the judges so that all our judges should be marking reasonably equally. There are a lot of fics that need marking, so if you have the time to spare to help then please email us.

Qualities we're looking for in our judges:

- Not nominated for an award or have nominated/be close to someone who’s nominated.
- A strong grasp of the English Language and creative writing.
- An interest in kink!fic.
- A reader of fanfiction.
- Ability to view a piece objectively and critically while seeing both good and bad points.
- An interest in seeing realistic BDSM in fanfiction.
- Plenty of time to read.
- Fairness

Desirable but not essential:
- A writer of fanfiction and kink!fic.
- Experience of the BDSM lifestyle.

Fandoms include: BtVS/Angel, Firefly, Harry Potter, NCIS, SG-1, SGA, X-files.

As the Award Administrator, I can be contacted at: titanium_awards (at) yahoo (dot) com

I would like to apologise to those who nominated or were nominated for the awards for the slowness in getting the results.

Awards Admin.
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