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beta profile - blueraccoon

Hi, I'm blueraccoon aka rebecca. Personally, I'm a sub, I've been on and off again active for a few years now and I've always been interested in kink. I write a lot, I do a lot of reading and research, and poorly written kink is one of my soapbox rants, so let's not get started there, mmkay? I've been very glad and able to help friends in my various fandoms with kink questions and answers; if it's not something I know personally, odds are I know where to find the answer or at least where to start looking.

fandoms: Firefly, NCIS, numb3rs, CSI; I'll also beta original fic. I'll also beta anything if it's just for grammar and/or kink; just don't expect me to tell you if your characterizations in House work or not, sorry. Grammar and spelling are strong points with me and I'm very good at copy-editing.

kinks: bondage, submission, sensory deprivation, spanking, anal play, fisting, masochism, nipple play, collaring, rope play, flogging, D/s, multiple partners.
Tags: beta:anal_play, beta:collaring, beta:csi, beta:ds, beta:firefly, beta:fisting, beta:flogging, beta:grammar, beta:masochism, beta:multi_partner, beta:ncis, beta:nipple_play, beta:numb3rs, beta:original, beta:rope_bondage, beta:sens_dep, beta:spanking, beta:submission, beta_profile, intro
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