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Beta Profile - Arsenalangel08

Beta Profile for Arsenalangel08:

I'm excited to be able to offer my beta services to all my fellow lovers of kink! I'm a woman in my late 20's who has been active in kink of all types since college. Although I identify as a switch, I'm most comfortable as a sub. I have worked as a freelance editor and proofreader for many years as well as edited a women's rights/queer rights zine in the South. I'm also a grammar freak.

Fandoms: Firefly, Nero Wolfe, House M.D., Highlander, Due South, Harry Potter, Bend it Like Beckham, X-Men, King Arthur, RPS (The Daily Show, Colbert Report, ESPN), and whatever weird/rare/random literary or historic slash you wanna throw my way. Original fic is fine, too.

Kinks: spanking, age play, D/s, caning, rope bondage (some), wax play, paddling, leather, latex, multiple partners, collaring, medical implements, sensory deprivation, masochism. Favorite scenes include: teacher/student, doctor/patient, employer/secretary, puppy play.

Just drop me an email through LJ or email arsenalangel08 (at)
Tags: beta:age_play, beta:caning, beta:collaring, beta:ds, beta:due_south, beta:employer_secretary, beta:firefly, beta:harry_potter, beta:highlander, beta:historical, beta:house, beta:latex, beta:leather, beta:masochism, beta:medical, beta:multi_partner, beta:nero_wolfe, beta:original, beta:other, beta:paddling, beta:puppy, beta:rope_bondage, beta:rps, beta:sens_dep, beta:spanking, beta:teacher_student, beta:wax_play, beta:x-men, beta_profile, intro
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